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Auto-surface Opportunities

Capitalise on the game-changing analytical workspace, Experience Center, which will show where to focus and help align your customer experience goals with business KPI’s.

Experience Center is the first workspace specifically designed to meet the needs of organisations focused on delivering optimal customer experiences. Visualise all key customer experience analytics metrics over time and correlate to specific business flows. Configure views for the KPIs of each user – executives, LOB/product owners, analysts – so every stakeholder can quickly analyse and respond to drops or improvements in business KPIs.


Quantify Business Impact

Identify specific behaviors, patterns, and paths, so that successful customer experience flows can be capitalised upon.

  • Path Analytics

    Innovate superior experiences

    Path Analytics brings better experiences to market faster and helps attain amazing results by quantifying the impact of visitor behaviors and uncovering paths leading to success. Identify problematic behaviors in session recordings, and pinpoint the critical junctures or patterns leading people away from converting.

  • Conversion Analytics

    Gain qualitative CRO insights with high ROI.

    Our Conversion Analytics suite helps you discover what’s working and what’s not in your funnel and forms. Visualize and map where users are dropping off, what they’re doing after they leave, and how best to get them back on the optimal path to increase conversion rates. Review step-by-step conversion analyses to see how many visitors reached and interacted with your app or web form, how many tried (but failed) to submit, and how many successfully completed it.

Reflect on True Experiences

Understand true user experiences to drive better outcomes. Step into your visitors’ shoes and experience the digital touchpoints as they do.

  • heatmaps

    Gain unparalleled accuracy for desired outcomes.

    Leverage data-rich desktop and mobile heatmaps to gain true insight into what digital content is most effective. With precise data and side-by-side visualisations of user behavior, contrast multiple views to make proactive, strategic optimisations with high ROI impact.

  • Session Replays

    Visualize the customer experience and hone in on your users’ true intent.

    Watch replays of your users’ browsing sessions to visualize exactly what they’re seeing and doing on your site. Desktop or mobile – everything is captured, enabling proactive, strategic optimizations based on actual user behavior patterns.


Identify Customer Intent

Uncover hidden customer motivations and factors of satisfaction through Psychological Analytics.

Detect positive/negative experiences and interpret the motivations behind every customer interaction with Clicktale’s rich behavioural data, cognitive computing, and psychological research. Get recommendations and insights with quantifiable business value, based on the integration of millisecond-level data from complementary technologies.

Powerfully Integrate Data

Embed within your existing marketing ecosystem to further uncover customer insights.

  • analytics

    Optimize revenue flows by understanding what your numbers are telling you.

    With two-way integrations, leverage existing the data sets and segments you’ve already set up in your analytics tool to gain deeper insights to visitor usability and in-page behavior. For apps, piggyback on existing events to understand user behavior. Conduct proactive top-down analyses to maximize revenues from different segments. Discover what visitors from marketing campaigns are looking for, and then boost conversion rates for landing pages, forms and shopping carts. From within your analytics interface, get one-click access to session replays and aggregated reports.

  • A/B Split Testing

    Learn where to start testing and understand the impact of every option.

    Take the guesswork out of what affects user behavior by viewing session replays and analyzing heatmaps before initiating a test. Run post-test analyses to uncover how the changes you’ve made impact visitors' interactions. Get faster insights into your entire testing optimization cycle, engineer smarter tests, and deliver substantial results.

  • Content Management

    Foster customer behavior-centric design decisions

    Help creative and marketing teams work together by being able to get behavior analytic information during the design phase. With a simple click, designers can launch heatmap information for the content they are working on in order to optimize their design based on customers’ actual behavior and needs.

  • Marketing Platforms

    Build deeper analysis of segmented users from your suite of marketing tools

    Get to know your customers better by adding a visualization layer to the way you currently filter and segment your users from other marketing tools. Understand how specific segments are behaving on your website, discover why customers are leaving and learn how to make them happier. For email marketing, filter and segment according to specific campaign IDs and use session replays to see exactly what the users are doing, what’s working and what needs improvement.

Clicktale for Apps

Gain unparalleled insights into user needs and behaviour via a multi-channel approach.

Foster customer loyalty and retention by understanding and optimising app user experiences. Segment your data based on key behaviour milestones, app versions, devices, and other criteria.

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